[lua\includes\extensions\math.lua:218] attempt to compare number with nil error?

Hi. I’m trying to finish my SENT for toybox up. But every time I use it, this error SPAMS in my console:

[lua\includes\extensions\math.lua:218] attempt to compare number with nil

In orange and blue text. I have NO clue how to fix this because the error takes place in a file that isn’t even included with my entity. I found the math.lua in the garrysmod content.fgd, and at line 218, there’s a function. I’ll paste the function.

function math.Approach( cur, target, inc )

	inc = math.abs( inc )

	if (cur < target) then
		return math.Clamp( cur + inc, cur, target )

	elseif (cur > target) then

		return math.Clamp( cur - inc, target, cur )


	return target

Please, I need help. It’s one of the most annoying errors I’ve encountered. Thanks ahead of time.

I searched my code “math.Approach” and I found 3 results. I’ll try to fix them.

Couldn’t fix it. Still need help. :confused:

Give us the code that is calling the math.Approach (the whole function that contains math.Approach) and we may be able to help.

You’re getting the error because a value you are passing to math.Approach is nil.
Either let us see the code, or try and add checks to ensure that the variables you are passing are not nil.