Lua interpreter?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am not experienced with scripting languages and would like to know if there is an interpreter for Lua because right now I don’t know any way of actually running my code, I tried the Lua wikis in the sticky, google and unfortunately the most useful tool available, facepunch search is down. Thanks for any tips or help. Sorry if this is also under the wrong section since there is a Programming section and also Lua.

Is this for GLua or just Lua.

Because if it’s GLua you could just run it in-game.

Sorry I’m referring just to Lua, I know Glua can be run through the in-game console but for Lua itself I’m not sure how I’m meant to go about testing my code

Ah, I’d actually like to know this as well then,

Download the lua interpreter from LuaBinaries. Just google LuaBinaries and it’ll come up.


Until the search is fixed, I go to Google and type ‘ _____’ and search it. Just an alternative to search.

If you are just wanting to test some code then you can use this.