Lua is disabled for me

I launched my game having not changed a single thing since I last played, and I can no longer run any client-side scripts.

I’ve never seen “LuaJIT is disabled” before and I wouldn’t know how to fix that.

Lua is not disabled for you, it’s just that Lua-JIT is disabled on startup by default. You can’t run clientside scripts because script-enforcer is enabled (sv_allowcslua 0). If you’re running the server and want to run client-side scripts simply allow them with sv_allowcslua 1.

Close the game and delete steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod/bin/game_shader_generic_engine.dll, you’re infected with the ol’ cough worm.

(This is not the source of the LuaJIT is disabled message)

I did both of these and I’m still getting the same result.

The “LuaJIT is DISABLED!” message is supposed to occur. (“Game Initialized!” should be gone though)

What server are you trying to run your scripts on? How do you try to execute them / where are they stored?

How are you trying to run these scripts? Single Player? While connected to a server?

Fuck, Ninja’d

It’s just console stuff I made for practice, I tried running them while on a server but there’s no difference. (“lua_openscript_cl” alone displays a dropbox of available scripts, right? I used to see loads before but now they don’t appear)

Sounds like the server has sv_allowcslua set to 0.

If you are running your own server, enter sv_allowcslua 1 in to the server’s console (if it is a listen server, your client’s console).