Lua Live Tutorials

Is there anyone that is dedicated to doing live lessons via steam chat or something like that i’d like to learn lua a bit better then what the lua tutorials on the gmod wiki do

First read

Then you might just find the resume/tutorial I made ages ago useful.

then the wiki page (read tutorials and articles etc.)

I don’t think anyone is into teaching you personally.

Also don’t think you can learn Lua in a week. It could take from two weeks to several months to learn Lua (depends on your experience and learning speed)

Hey thanks for the answer

I’d do it personally but you’d have to pay me <3


All any programming language is, is a format(the syntax) by which to give it keyword/commands. Just download the lua binary from the lua site, and it’ll have a command-prompt style tutorial window for all the basics on the formatting. Then just use the lua wiki/search for finding out what commands do what you need.