Lua Loading Order & Loading Menu Question.


        I'm trying to make a custom background for the loading menu when you join a server. I had one before, but it sadly doesn't work anymore since the update. To my understanding is that we cannot call hooks before the LocalPlayer() is fully loaded in game (Post Entity Creation).
        I tried hooking into the paint of the current loading panel, but it does not seem to call the :Paint() function anymore. I also deleted my script and started from fresh. It would be wonderful if someone could tell me the loading order of which folder's 'LUA's get loaded first. Is there anyway anymore to draw on the loading panel anymore?

EDIT: Be back in like 10-15 mins. Walking down to 7-11 to get a monster.


Ya. No. That doesn’t work anymore. That was where my old script was and it stopped working after the update.


Garry disabled this, but is looking into doing it the proper way. You’ll have to wait a few updates with this I’m afraid.

Should be in the next update.

Ok well thank god because I had an awesome idea for the loading screen, but you guys have to wait for it to come out. :stuck_out_tongue: