Lua Loading Screen?

Would it be possible to use Lua in a loading screen like when they retrieve server info?
The whole thing is gonna be done in Derma and then it closes when you load in.

Nope, not possible

How would you know? It’s not impossible because of how Garry did it to load HTML pages.

Anyway, pretty sure anything you wanted to use lua for you could recreate with a combo of php/js/css/html/whatever

Server info like, player Name, Server name, Server Player slots etc. can be grabbed using a little knowledge of PHP and JS and HTML

And if you need more data, you can always use SQL databases for things like player’s money/credits/whatever

But why even bother with these things when we have stuff like Lua to do stuff for us. I mean, I’ve only seen one hook been use before for stuff in the loading screen which makes me think it can be done but I honestly don’t have access to anything for SQL or even a really good webhost that isn’t blocked for most ISPs which is why I want to do it with Lua.

Even if Lua loading screens were possible, the client doesn’t know anything about the server during loading ( That’s why you have the loading ), so it makes no difference.

Oh, okay, so it’s pretty much impossible, oh well.