Lua map entities and outputs

I’m not sure how to explain this properly but is there a function that lets you to call output events to be used in maps?

I want to recreate how source map entities can trigger outputs (eg. trigger_once calls the “OnTrigger” output when touched) but as far as I can tell there isn’t a way to do this with lua entities.

Basically, I want to be able to do this:

[lua]self:FireOutput(“OnMapSpawn”) --This will trigger the output OnMapSpawn and can be used in hammer to trigger events[/lua]
Calling that function would trigger any inputs set up in hammer:

If a function like this doesn’t exist can someone post a request on Github properly explaining what I tried to explain?

I think you want Entity:Fire() ?

Oh. The wiki says that it fires inputs… but… does it do what you want?
I must admit I haven’t quite got the hang of the inputs and outputs, sometimes it seems like outputs are inputs to me.

If you can get your hands on any old version of FloodMod, I believe it uses a map-related function to change the water level.

If your entity is derived from any of the default base-entities, you can simply do this:
local tOutputs = {“onstarttouch”}
function ENT:KeyValue(key,val)
key = string.lower(key)
if(table.HasValue(tOutputs,key)) then

function ENT:StartTouch(ent)
self:TriggerOutput(“onstarttouch”,ent) // 2nd arg is the activator

Entity:Fire() is for when you know the exact entity you want to use inputs on.
In hammer entities have output events that get called, like “OnOpen” when you open a prop door, that allow you to made a light come on for example.

I’m %99.99 sure that in floodmod you just have to name the water something specific so it can be found with ents.findbyname then has Entity:Fire() used on it.

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Is triggeroutput a function only available on source engine base-entities or Garry’s mod ones