Lua Model Help

I’m a beginner at the gamemode creation and successfully got DarkRP models for different classes.
The problem is that when I change to that class, the player model is like this:

I don’t know how to fix it. Someone please help.

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Please post any issues with DarkRP in the DarkRP Help Thread.

Just because people hate DarkRP doesn’t mean people cannot create threads when they are learning LUA. DarkRP hated or not, people learning even the extreme basics of setting a player model is a start to creating a great coder. Everybody starts somewhere.

What model are you trying to set it to? That pose is normally stricken when you’re trying to set a ragdoll as a player model that isn’t supposed to be used as a playermodel.

I completely agree, but Developer Discussion is constantly flooded with DarkRP issues when there is an entire thread dedicated to help with DarkRP. His issue does just seem to be a standard player model issue, but it could also be an issue specifically with his version of DarkRP, and again, there is a thread for that.

I was trying to make bloodz and cripz classes for some gang battle roleplay.
I installed this to the DarkRP contents:
I don’t know if these were meant for player models, ragdolls or NPCs.

It’s fairly obvious by his issue that it’s a standard misuse of models, I do understand what you mean though. But the issue has nothing to do with DarkRP and would have the same error in sandbox.

The addon clearly stats NPC.

I thought that I could still use them as player models. (Remember, I’m a noob at this kind of stuff)

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I just downloaded Bloodz and cripz player models but they still do the same thing?

Need more info to help, like a link to the model and also the code your using to set the model including filepath.

I’m pretty sure those models don’t work with Garry’s Mod anymore.

This isnt lua related. Also, models who work on GMOD12 obviously must work on gmod 13. You tried setting a ragdoll\NPC as a playermodel, it probably lacks rigging or it is set to be as an NPC and the animations for a player are missing. If it is an NPC, decompile the model, post the QC file here, i’ll help you from there

Did I say it was lua related? No, I didn’t.

You cannot be more wrong.

Those aren’t ragdolls, those are rigged playermodels…

They don’t work anymore because of the player model animation update that happened when GM12 was updated to GM13.

What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t even talk to you. He put in the title ‘lua model help’, and this section is about lua, there’s another complete section for models.

The way you formatted your question made it sound like it was directed at me.

This section is actually about development for Garry’s Mod.

I got rid of the Bloodz and cripz Idea and added mafia - It works great!

I actually have one more problem that isn’t related to models, and wondering if someone could just help me real quick.
I installed a weapons pack to the server. The weapons successfully were inputted in the server. But when people try to join they are obviously errors since they don’t have the pack.
I forgot what to put in init, cl_init or shared for the client to import them automatically when joining server.