Lua newbie here- looking for guidance

See I’ve been playing Garry’s mod for a long time now on and off, and always wanted to try and make my own game-mode.
While I know this is probably a common theme among people, and most who try end up in failure or just quit. While i hope i don’t find myself in this crowd, it is probably likely with my work ethic.

Of course I will definitely have to start small and get a lot more experience before I start anything major.

To get to the point though, is that I need a starting point to help me understand how game-modes work, and while i do know simple scripting, such as that in an expression2 chip from wire mod, I am still struggling to find my footing in Lua, even though i heard it is one of the easiest scripting languages.
I am also a very verbal learner and I would appreciate if someone could find a tolerant ts3, vent, etc. community that could help me along, as I am likely to have a lot of questions and I personally feel that I am very awkward in text conversations.

So tl;dr Point me to a good Lua knowledge base. pretty please?

Well shit, I’m too high for this…

I completely missed the “Need help?” thread.

I would still like to know of a voip community though.