Lua non Corrected Image ( Need help in RP )

Hello everybody! I’m doing a RP project, and I really need your help. So, here’s problem. Sorry for my bad English, i’m living in Ukraine, okay?

hook.Add( "Think", "BM_Clients_Key", function() gui.EnableScreenClicker( input.IsKeyDown( KEY_LALT ) ) -- This to able close window with alt key
end )

-- Frame
MainFrame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
MainFrame:SetSize( 1360, 768 )

-- Load post process effect thumbnail
local postprocess = vgui.Create( "DImage", MainFrame )
postprocess:SetSize( 32, 32 ) -- Image Size


postprocess:SetImage( "vanderagsn/Menu/test.png" ) -- Any image here

When i set this png image to 32x32 pixels - no problem here.
Here’s Screen

But when i change pixels to 64x32 in image & code

postprocess:SetSize( 64, 32 )

  • this happens

What could be problem? The picture will be normal only if the aspect ratio is exactly 1 to 1, namely the square. But when i change picture size / size in code like 64x32, 144x40, etc - The picture does not look good

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Help please? Why facepunch ignore me? D: