lua overflow, vehicles not spawning, renaming bots?

I have had 2 major errors on my server, im not making it public untill i have it fixed.
Lua overflow:
When i started my server up and joined it, it broke and said something about an lua overflow(maybe lua chunk overflow?), i removed wiremod and it work, thing is, i need wiremod on my server, how do i fix this?

Vehicles not spawning:
i cant spawn vehicles in my server, i can spawn them in others though! >:( <-- simple awnser.

Renaming bots:
I just want to rename a bot to something like “<insert_bot_name_here>”(IM NOT TALKING ABOUT NPCs).

Server info:
-Gamemode: cider
-max players: 21(last slot reserved for me)
-installed games: HL2, EP1, EP2, TF2, Portal, Gmod(duh).
-Running non-client based version of SRCDS |
-latest version of SRCDS

Client info:
-lastest version of gmod
-cider is installed clientside
-Steam version of gmod(not-a-pirate =D)

  1. Buffer overflow? Remove some other addons
  2. Make sure your server has the addon installed
  3. No idea

Tryed it already, even with only wiremod(aka: wiremod is the only one in the addons) ._.

No, its not a addon, its much worse, its the jeep and the jalopy that will not spawn! D:

I smell something is wrong here…

Why are you using a non-steam version of SCDS? That maybe why you couldn’t spawn vehicles…

He isn’t.