Lua Panic, 16GB RAM, no addons, familiar server

Hello all, and I apologize if this has already been answered. Prior to these issues, I was running on a normal 2TB HDD, but it was an aged drive so I reinstalled windows (10) on a new SSD, but I doubt that’s significant. I’m pretty sure it’s not the OS, because W10 ran flawlessly on the previous drive.
After reinstalling a few games and gmod, I attempted to join the only server I play on, with no addons enabled, sometimes I can join in and I end up crashing and getting lua panic after a few seconds or slightly more than 60 seconds if i’m lucky. I’ve played on this server for over 2 years now, and upgraded my pc about halfway through.
I’ve tried messing with heapsize, fps limiters, and all sorts of fixes from around the web, but I cannot seem to locate the issue. I also notice that I tend to stutter every 1-2 seconds on the server, with fps dropping from around 140 to 30-60, which makes it somewhat unplayable. In singleplayer I easily get 250 fps, so I’m sure it’s not my system.

Map is rp_downtown_v4c_highway I believe, snowy map.

Lua Panic, not enough memory.
Manatee timed out.
(And occasionally now, steam auth error 6)

i7 4790k
~500GB MX300 SSD Install
16GB DDR3 RAM 1600


EDIT 1: I’ve also tried running it in high priority with compatibility mode set for Windows 8, as that was an old fix, but it’s not helping, still timing out.

-heapsize 4096000

Regardless, the problem seemed to be the map, even though it worked on my previous install on the HDD. We switched to a normal rp_downtown and I was back to getting 250 fps and smooth buttery play.

If this thread needs to be closed, it can be now.