Lua Panic error, not enough memory - tried normal methods to fix but no luck

Hey, sorry for bothering you all. i’m having issues joining a SWRP server i donated too. it started when i had a few graphics errors, and uninstalling and reinstalling the addons didn’t help, so i decided to delete and reinstall gmod. big mistake… no matter how many times i uninstall gmod and Counterstrike Source (even uninstalled and reinstalled steam twice) i now keep getting the lua error. if i have all the settings on minimum, “-dxlevel 90” in launch settings, and only the map installed, i can get on for a few seconds, but then i crash. i am the only one getting these errors, and no one on the server knows how to fix them (note: i havent tried joining other servers). there are 125 addons on the server, but people with way worse pc’s then mine are having no trouble. i have tried scanning my memory for errors and nothing there either. will post a Screenshot of my system specs. one last thing to note is i can play with all these addons (and several hundred more) just fine on single player. i also tried high priority and launching with nothing else open.

pc specs:

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