Lua Panic! Not enough memory - Crash - Win10

Hello. For 3 years I had a really bad computer, but GMod worked with hundreds of addons and basically no issues.

GPU: NVidia GTX 950 2GB
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz
HDD: 465GB
OS: Win10 Free (The one that was available to Win7 users for a short time)

But, ever since I bought a new computer, in specific the Lenovo Legion Y520 (Laptop version), GMod has not worked properly.

GPU: NVidia GTX 1050 2GB
CPU: Intel i5-7300HQ @2.5GHz
HDD: 905GB
OS: Win10 Home

The first time of me launching GMod on the new one, it installed all the addons it previously had; that being just less than 300. I let them download, install, and then I restarted GMod a few times. I then joined a server, and played on it for about 5 to 10 minutes, only to crash.

I then tried a few more times, with the same results.

I have:
-Reinstalled GMod (2x)
-Set launch options such as -dxlevel 95, -windowed and -noborder, -chromium
-Edited settings around
-Gave GMod administrator rights
-Tried Win7 compatability mode
-Wiped out and unsubscribed ALL addons, while again re-installing GMod afterwards

I’m running out of ideas here. Actually, I already have. I have 360GB free hard drive space, when on my old one I had just above or below 100GB at a time.

Is my GMod not somehow getting access to all my RAM? Is there some kind of limiter? I have no idea what causes this issue. Is it the laptop?

Anyone who has any kind of an idea (preferably personal experience with this crash) then please, post it here. Also, before anyone asks, there was no special crash code or ID.

I’ve played GMod for a considerably depressing amount of time and I’d like to be able to keep those hours counting. There HAS to be a fix to this, somehow.

Lua Panic means you ran out of RAM. Since hl2/gmod is 32bit, you’re limited by the actual memory you can use. Disable addons you’re not using because you have way too many.

Not sure if you missed it, but I wiped out all addons. Only two map addons that I have for joining a server. If my last PC that was 64-bit as well as this is, had 6GB of DDR2, and did not run out of RAM with ±300 addons, how can this run out? Is GMod not getting access to enough RAM?