Lua Panic "Not Enough Memory" Issue

Lua Panic “Not Enough Memory”

Ive tried EVERYTHING to fix this issue

Wiped my addons didnt work

Wiped my addons and uninstall, didnt work

did -heapsize 8388608, didnt work

cleared out all the stuff on task manager to free some memory, still didnt work.

although I noticed my memory capping at 80% from taskmanager

you should install more ram

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-heapsize is deprecated and unusable in the current version of Source engine

But is it garry’s mod that’s consuming that memory? Look through task manager to see if you can find what’s consuming it. If you can’t find anything it’s possible that you have something leaking a ton of memory (when something stops using memory, but doesn’t free it up) and in that case cry because it’s a pain in the fucking ass to find and solve.


Swap is here to the rescue.

But gmod is not a x64 app, so byebye.