Lua Panic "Not Enough Memory"

So i’ve been trying to join this one server on dark rp for 2 hours now. At first it would stop at sending client info then crash to desktop either saying “Lua Panic, Something went Horribly wrong! Not Enough Memory” or it would just crash without saying anything. Fast forward to now i can join for approx 5 seconds before crashing. I’ve tried deleting my addons, deleting my addons folder, I’ve restarted my computer twice, redownloaded garrys mod twice, Cleaned (or wiped) garry’s mod once, Verified cache files 5 times and i have set the -heapsize launch code already. Everytime i join the server and crash i verify my files and get about 6 - 8 files that fail to be verified and reaquired

Computer Specs

Intel Core i7 4790k
Radeon R9 280
8gb of RAM
1Tb Harddrive.

I have absolutely no idea anymore. Can anyone experiencing this problem and fixing it help pls?, Thanks.

I have the exact same issue, I even made a thread an hour ago on it as well with the exact same things I have tried, none have worked.