Lua Panic! Not Enough Memory

So, I used to always play Garry’s Mod on this computer. Never had any problems. Now everytime I join certain servers like MethRP or one that require alot of downloads I get this error (Screenshot: )

[What I have done to try to fix it:]
-Uninstalled Garry’s Mod and reinstalled.
-Uninstalled Garry’s Mod & Steam and reinstalled.
-Deleted all of my workshop subscribed items through steam workshop.
-Did a whole new fresh install of Windows 10 and then reinstalled Steam & Garry’s Mod.
-Checked all drivers, everything is up to date.
-Verified Integrity of Garry’s Mod
-Set my launch options to -heapsize 4194304 (Amount for 8gb - which I have 8gb usable.)

[Computer Specs:]
GPU: GeForce GT 730
CPU: AMD FX™-4300 Quad-Core Processor
Memory (RAM) (Usable): 8.00 GB
OS: Windows 10 Home

If anyone could help me figure this out it would be much appreciated.

that server you’re playing on probably has some bad addon

or the source engine just sucks cock at loading a lot of shit