"Lua Panic! Something Went Horribly Wrong! "not enough memory"" Need help resolving this error.


I’ve been getting this error on connecting to a Star Wars RP server. The majority of people connecting have no issues, it’s just me and other person. At first, the game got stuck at Workshop Complete, and I could hear ingame sounds, and was connected, just my screen was stuck. Then, the game started to just crash with no error messages, and most recently has displayed this message.

I have taken the following steps to resolve the issue (none of which have been fruitful):

-Reinstalled the game
-Deleted all addons and reinstalled the game
-Unsubscribed from and deleted all addons and tried to join just by downloading from the server
-Done various “-dxlevel” starting parameters
-Used the “-heapsize 4194304” paramater

Any suggestions would be great.

How much detotated wam do you have to the server.

Please post the specs of your PC.