Lua Panic! Something went horribly wrong! "not enough memory"

So i only get this message when i connect to one of the DarkRP servers i only play on.

Steps i have done:

  • Reinstall Garry’s Mod.
  • Restart PC.


Put -dxlevel 95 -heapsize <bytes> in your command-line. The heapsize comes from your RAM and you can convert it to bytes using an online calculator.

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Also, make sure you are not using an Intel HD/integrated card.

not using a intel hd/intergrated card

thanks, i’ll try this.

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So it didn’t work. @code_gs

The server could just be using too many resources in the Lua state.

Even if other people can still join perfectly fine? there was like 37/42 people on the last time i checked.

Can you post your specs?

like pc specs?
if so:

CPU: i7-3700
Ram: (NO CLUE WHAT BRAND): 6 gigs

8GB is the recommended amount of RAM; how much did you give the heapsize?

1 gig of ram

1 gig

Give 4

it worked for a minute
then crashed.

by “bytes” do you mean megabytes or actual bytes? cause heres my start options: “-dxlevel 95 -heapsize 4294967296”

(isn’t -heapsize deprecated now though?)

Source? I haven’t heard that, personally.

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Sorry, my mistake. It’s in kilobytes.

So i think i found a problem (most likely with the server)

Before i load into the server (and on any other server) my ram usage is around 6-15% but when i join the server it goes up to 90% and crashes because it can’t use more. Help?