Lua pattern problem

Hi guys
Here is my problem
I have addon that write to chat country of connected player, basic on on my server
Before site going updated string with geo information allways has format like “country”:“Ukraine”,“region_code”:“20”*** but now it can be “country”:“Ukraine”,“isp”:“UkrTelecom”,“region_code”:“13” or “country”:“Ukraine”,“area_coe”:“44”,“isp”:“UkrTelecom”,“region_code”:“13”
How can I cut string with infromation like this “country”:“Ukraine”,"*, with one random letter a,r,i or other
Old code

country = string.match(TheReturnedHTML,"\"country\":\".+%\",\"r")

I tried

country = string.match(TheReturnedHTML,"\"country\":\".+%\",\"%a")

but this doesnt help me.

local country = util.JSONToTable( TheReturnedHTML)[“country”]

Pretty good, thank you very much!