LUA, player's viewpoint scale/perspective ... is this even possible?

I wanted to develop a sort of flight simulator sort of gamemode for Garry’s Mod, but soon realized that map size limits amongst other things could hinder this - even on the largest map, at normal scale, executing a turn to land on a runway without incursion, weird maneuvering, even loss of control is pretty hard so far as having the space to do it… I then got an idea, but am unsure if this is even possible.

Is it possible to shrink the player’s viewpoint/perspective/camera at all? What I mean by this is, do it so in a normal map it’d look like you were a mere ant relative to the map around you, and things that are average or normal sized to us would look ginormous, etc? My thinking on this is that if I can do that, scale down the player’s viewpoint, camera, whatever, then I can scale down my maps for this flight simulator idea, and actually have loads more space for players to move around, actually execute holding patterns, have more areas to fly around in a single map, etc.

If possible, what would be the best means of doing so?

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