Lua Practice?

Hey guys,

I’m a little bored now, and I am trying to learn Lua by practicing editing codes and getting a feel for it, if anyone has any practice codes or anything that you recommend to help learn Lua please tell me, the most I really knocked down is if, then, else statements hooks, and Derma (Lots and lots of Derma) and of course thats only like 0.5% of Lua and I want to learn more, so if you guys have any recommendations like I said before any help will be greatly appreciated thank you.

Before you start doing derma and all that, learn all the loops and control statements (for, if, else, elseif, while). Then, you can try to edit gamemodes like TTT and just look through the code and learn how some parts of it work. The best think you can do is to view the wiki and just look through all the hooks and functions. That helped me a lot when I was learning gmod lua.