LUA problem + help wanted

I have some problems with my GMod gamemode…

It wont initialize. It says cannot find init.lua in console. I really want to finish this gamemode before summer ends because I have some people lined up to play. Ill i did was take fretta and change the speed and gun loadout thats all i needed.

Also can i play music in the background?

Make sure you have no spaces in the name of the gamemode. If so, remove them.

i dont it is init.lua excatly

Make sure it’s like this "gamemodes/yourgamemodename/gamemode/init.lua
and make sure you include cl_init.lua and shared.lua in your init at the least.
Also, Lua is not an acronym. You just type “Lua” not “LUA”.

could it be that i am hosting the server on the same computer as the client? that could cause the error i think.

Wrong Section, Post here: Newbie Questions