Lua problem with SetModel, "Model missing"

Hello !

I have a really big problem…
I try to set the player model with my function :

function PlayerModel(ply,modelname)
	util.PrecacheModel( modelname )
	ply:SetModel( modelname )
	print("Model set : "..modelname)

But when I try to set the model to a custom skin (“models/Humans/Group02/Tale_01.mdl” for example.)
I have this error :

[gamemodes/reallife/gamemode/init.lua:49] Model missing: models/Humans/Group02/Tale_01.mdl

But my model is installed. And located here : gamemodes/reallife/content/models/Humans/Group02/Tale_01.mdl

And here : addons/citizens/models/Humans/Group02/Tale_01.mdl

I’m running a SRCDS on Debian.

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot (and sorry for my bad english.)