Lua problems with Dark RP

Unfortunatly i bit alot more then I could chew.

For a starter im very new at this i have not a clue what im doing. I thought it would be quite easy owning a Dark RP server and setting it up…well as you can see I was wrong. I started to read some tutorials and reading up on how to set up classes and thats where my problem comes in. My whole goal was to make a few custom jobs as well as make the CP job have multiple models (was going to put the metro cop playermodels so ppl would have different character models.
I started a listen server and started testing out how well the player models work as well as typing up the jobs. I though i had a good thing going when i made a full on extra class so my next step was to set these metro cop models in the CP job area. Sadly i keep getting file messups i have no clue where i go wrong and have to delete the entire Dark rp folder and reinstall it. Im getting errors like

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerInitialSpawn’ Failed: DarkRP\gamemode\player.lua:155: attempt to get length of global ‘RPExtraTeams’ (a nil value)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSpawn’ Failed: DarkRP\gamemode\sv_gamemode_functions.lua:339: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

every so often. Does anyone have any ideas on what i should do? When i open the share.lua file its in a jumbled mess and cannot tell where one job starts and one ends.

So what im doing is testing how well the dark rp goes with in my listen server then ill transfer it to the actual server itself. And the issue that im having atm is the error mentioned above and setting up multiple models for a single class (it being the cops with metro police models)

So any help? Or is there any template that I should refer to?

Hmm, looking at these errors without code is hard, if you want I can help you with your server, my SteamID is 1Andriko1, add me :slight_smile:

Well thats what error i get when i try setting it in the shared.lua im assuming since it only happens when i edit it. Oh and its not on the server yet I just start a game with the Dark rp gamemode in single player to test out the classes. The trouble im having now is setting the CP job to where you can switch the models to the Metro cop model. So if a person chooses to be CP they can choose what player model to be out of the metro cop models

I have both the npc and player models installed its just the process of setting them up for the CP job
oh and i cant find you with that name on steam…doesnt show