Lua programmer needed for gamemode

I’m pretty new to this lua scene. So i cant pretty much do anything with lua.
But i really need a lua programmer that can make a roleplay gamemode for me.
Here’s the story:

New york 1937, The crime rate is raising violently!
The families from Russia and Italy are fighting, and the police cant do much to prevent it.
Corruption is a factor and the police are not sure how many loyal men they really have. for after all, who can you really trust?

Some requested features:

Simple looking interface.

Clothes and hats ( changing skin when equipping an item )

Advanced Agenda with updates on the entire family.

Advanced buisness tab to keep track of money and loans.

I don’t have much to offer but a 14 slot server for the gamemode to be hosted on,
but i hope someone out there likes my idea and would consider my request.

Sounds interesting, might work since most RP maps are slums.

“hay giez i has this idea can u do the lua, models, maps n evrything? Ill be the creative direction lol.”

The italian mob was never really prevalent in New York, neither were the russians. Most crime was irish.

Mac, it’s a bad idea to ask people to do stuff for you when you do absolutely nothing (ideas do not count). Plus, it’s useless to just get people to do it for you, ruins the experience.

Go to the wiki. You’ll find all the stuff you need about Lua there, and a few tutorials. Other than that, just take examples from other scripts or released gamemodes.

We need a “requests” section for gamemodes. So we can sort all these ideas into it and never have to look at them.

Its not that easy. You don’t just go learn lua.

yes you do

The guy above me is right. Lol

We all did it ourselves. So obviously you do just go learn Lua. Look into “Object Oriented Programming” related stuff, understand the idea behind classes and libraries, shit like that. If you don’t get it by then, then Lua isn’t your area. There’s still modelling, texturing, mapping, or even some other smaller roles that you can make up.

Once again. Ideas do not count.

If most of everyone else here can do it, so can you. Read tutorials, they’re all over. You’re one of 5000 people that have posted threads like this wanting people to make you a game mode and admin your servers.

“hey yoo guyz can yoo makes me a pro gamemode because i suck and don’t want to learn lua kthxbai :)”
This thread in a sentence.

At least he said Lua right

Aren’t you an alt of a cough banned account cough.

Yeah, an account which was banned in the OIFY, which hezzy admits was done jokingly.

Yea I just saw the thread. Fucking hilarious, 5 stars.

You can, I’m living proof. It was the first programming language I actually made anything in. Sure it takes time and practice, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of time to do that.

The mob down in Vegas protected civilians. And the cops weren’t against them.

That’s because the mob was the police.

Exactly :v: