Lua Question about screen effects

Hey guys,
I would like to know how to change “GM:RenderScreenspaceEffects” but for only one client.
Is there a way to make only one client run a function like:
local function testfunction()

DrawMaterialOverlay( "effects/lalalaoverlay", 0.123 )

hook.Add( “RenderScreenspaceEffects”, “test”, testfunction )

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure i will get rated dumb for this one :slight_smile:

Wrap the overlay function with a condition that checks for x thing, like if you want that overlay being displayed when player got 10hp, just you LocalPlayer():Health() < 10

How can i do that? Can you make me an example with lua code?

Do you know how to code? Just do an “if” block

Well If I just run like that it will change everyones overlay

So do a conditional that checks when you should draw that, i gave you an example, i won’t spoon feed on you

Heres my code.

function GM:RenderScreenspaceEffects()
    if LocalPlayer():Team() == 0 then
     DrawTexturize( 3, Material("pp/texturize/rainbow.png"))

Guys sry I had a brainfart, thanks for the help