Lua Question

Hello guys , i have a lua question to start coding my GLOBAL HUD

( why global: i mean to make my hud FIT to all resolutions )

well first of all i start using this code:

    draw.RoundedBox(4, 0, 0,(ScrW()*0.999), (ScrH()*0.024), Color(150,150,150,255)) 

There is 2 Global Features The ScrW & the ScrH … but , if i want to put a box center to the screen ? , separate to the Screen wall …

	draw.RoundedBox(4, 1084, 37, (ScrW()*0.1-38), (ScrH()*0.1-50), Color(150,150,150,255)) 

but there is a problem with this code , because is someone is using like: 720x480 , the hud is going to fuck up :S

there is a posibility to change the 1084 & 37 for a global code ? like the ScrW() and the ScrH ?

Thanks !