LUA: Ragdoll Bone Moving?

I’m currently working on my dismemberment mod and I’ve run into some problems with bone manipulation on ragdolls. In Garry’s Mod 12 you could use bone matrixes inside the BuildBonePositions hook to move and scale ragdoll bones. I know Garry recently removed the BuildBonePositions hook and I think he said he put it back in one of the last updates and you can use the AddCallback() code to use it. Well I tried the BuildBonePositions hook on a ragdoll using AddCallback(), changed some bone matrixes a bit, and I got nothing. So apparently SetBoneMatrix or BuildBonePositions or both won’t work anymore. Maybe it’s because it won’t work on ragdolls anymore? I found out you can’t use ManipulateBonePosition() on them either but ManipulateBoneScale() on the other hand will work on ragdolls.

So here’s where my question comes in. Is there anyway that I can move a ragdoll’s bones around visually like in the old Garry’s Mod? Note that I say visually. This isn’t a question on moving a ragdoll’s physics bones. It would really help in making bone removal look much nicer. This way I can scale a bone down to nothing and collapse it to it’s parent’s position leaving no trace of a limb at all.