Lua Rollercoasters


What is it?
This is a fully lua-controlled rollercoaster addon. You create individual nodes, and a track (with the catmull-rom spline algorithm) is generated between them.

Some features include:

-Fully physical rollercoaster trains ( they’re an actual physics object! ) with multiple carts attached carts.
-An advanced tool combining all of the functions needed for coaster creation into a single tool with multiple tabs. (See below for pictures
-Saving and loading tracks, as well as the ability to upload tracks to the server.
-Adjustable track roll to allow deep turns or even barrel rolls.
-Custom generated mesh that actually looks like the track of a rollercoaster
-Realistic cart physics - all cart movement uses newton’s theories of physics for accurate acceleration and friction.
-A bunch more, seriously.

Questions and Answers
Q: What is Github? Why is the addon hosted there?
A: It’s hosted on Github because I’m not perfect and make mistakes. I believe there are people much smarter than I who can contribute and improve the addon.

Q: I’m getting some major FPS lag. What can I do to increase my perfomance?
A: In the Settings tab of the tool, you’ll find a bunch of performance settings. The most performance heavy thing at the moment is track previews (the little green lines) and supports, so those would be a good start.

Q: Where are my saved tracks stored?
A: All saved tracks are located in your garrysmod/data/Rollercoasters folder. If a client uploaded a track to your server, they will be located in garrysmod/data/Rollercoasters/Server

Q: I have a bug report/suggestion for rollercoaster. Where do I slap it?
A: Bug reports and suggestions can be made on the Github page.

Q: Where can I see progress on upcoming version of rollercoaster?
A: All progress can be seen on the Trello page.

For the most recent version, (or if you’d like to contribute) the project is hosted on Github and available here:
It’s also available on the workshop here:
I removed the zipped download version since that was temporary until it was on the steam workshop. It also ensures people have the most up to date addon.

Bletotum (Being awesome and making trains work and also helped with other misc. stuff)
Sunabouzu (Those pretty support models and that other thing)
Clopsy (Sexy workshop icon)


[thumb] videos/cachink.webm[/vid]
[vid] 2012-6-25 02-28-16.webm

You didn’t show off the spinny cart.

can you do loops?

At the moment you can fake them by setting the roll 180 degrees for the upside down nodes, but I’m still trying to find a good way to do it.

I love this. Finally I can do something new while playing singleplayer.

Wow, this sure IS a good addon!

Im gonna try this now and see how it performs on eye-candy maps (Rollercoaster passing in a building interior,who knows!)

So glad this was released, I’ve been excited ever since I saw you post about it in the Lua section.

Hah, this is like RCT3, awesome!

Foohy I love you. :v:

Well, question time.

To make a jump, do i need to create a new Rollercoaster ID?

Also, can i make my rollercoasters half-wood and half-metal?

Already tested it, but i dont know how to do these things.

Great job. Been waiting since i first saw it.

yes, but derailed carts will knock railed carts off the track, which will means that trains of carts cannot pass through jumps without major damage, and becoming singular carts (or trains of one)

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this is really just to preserve the thingy used to ensure that trains of carts look good

there’s this part where the code corrects distorted space between carts in a train that arises from passing between segments at different velocities, which cannot work well with jumps, even if every cart were to land on the second ID fine

This is awesome, thanks for releasing this!

I guess this belongs here from this morning:

‘I think this is the new NASA training program’


[EDIT]: Just tried it out, it went so fast it kept going in circles in the middle of the track.

This is the best thing. The best.
I played with for like, an hour a week ago. It’s truly amazing <3

Put it on the Workshop!

It’ll be on workshop soon, I just need an icon :v:

You deserve a medal.

Pick a $10 dollar game from steam and i’ll buy it for you.