LUA Scammer Thread - For those who got scammed.

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How to report
Make a post below with this modul filled out.

Steam ID: 
Steam Name(Last known): 
Steam Community Link: 
Is it a coder or a customer?: 

OR YOU COULD, use this one from Steam REP:

Is it a coder or a customer?: 

How to avoid LUA Scammers
LUA Scamming is really common because people are dumb enough to pay before they have seen the work.
I’ll give some tips how to NOT get LUA Scammed to 90%.
First of all, don’t pay them more then the work is needed.
Second, you should NOT pay them before you have seen the work they have done and tested it out.
Look for other scam reports somewhere else(SteamREP), check VAC Status and Trading Status if he is allowed to trade.
People can scam from the other way too. By saying that they will pay you, you code for them, they pay you and after some minutes they take their money back and you coded without any sence and you lost the money you just got.

If you go offtopic, that means, start posting anything that is NOT releated to LUA Scammers…
This thread was made for users to report LUA Scammers if they got scammed.
If you want to go offtopic to LUA Scammers, find any releated Topics HERE.

Suspected scammers: (NOTE!: This one was taken from ‘Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V3’)

(Updates to this first post may come.)

Never pay before.


I don’t know about everyone else but I find it’s normally the buyers who scam, not the coders, they send the money, get the script, then charge it back 10 minutes later.


I see it like the coders are the one who scams, but I don’t know.

That’s why you should accept the money you get.
If you won’t accept the donation you get, they can be able to get a refound.

You can still ask PayPal to do a chargeback or your credit card company.

A lot of hirers wont agree to do donation payments because it means they can’t get a refund if the coder scams them, it’s a vicious circle.

Lol, true.

Because of the thread title, I’d change the whole post to reflect it. Add hiring scams to it. They’re pretty common too.

Oh, sure.
Forgot that.

You changed the wrong ‘is’, swap the two bold ones…

Lol, thanks…

This thread is fail, lol.

So, you let people publicly denounce someone who may have done nothing wrong, and they only way they can contest it is in private, with the person that reported them?

Am I the only one who doesn’t see the logic here?

The logic with that was to stop spamming this thread like in hire/recruitment thread, more then 50% is just discussions… but you see… there are no scam report here so I might take that part away. Because what we do now is discussing.

How can you prevent a “donation payment” :o how do you even know what kind of payment you got?

This kind of stuff help people to avoid any future scams. I don’t see whats wrong with this, i think it’s a pretty much good idea.

I always ask for games through steam, since I’d just spend it on that anyway and if they charge back they lose their account.

There’s more to life than games, in my opinion. Money gives you the freedom of choice.

What if you finally get to have sex and dont have money for a condom?