LUA scirpt hook protection

Hello, I would like to know how to make or where to find protection from the script hook.
For example, if a person downloads the scripts, instead of code was empty or something written but not the code.
Is there a protection against script hook?

They can sreal only clientside files.
If u want to protect it - encrypt it!

One way would be to save the original file.Read as something else and overwrite it so any file from /lua/ folder that is on a blacklist would instead send some junk data.
Also note: It won’t work if server will send you some rogue script that stores the original function before you run your script.

How can encrypt files?

You could obfuscate it but you need to find tools for that yourself. And you don’t need scripthook to steal all cl files…

if _SCRIPT then while true do end

sv_password “best_encryption”

Put that in your autoexec.cfg on your server and nobody will ever steal your files, ever.

scripthook doesn’t work like that ya dingus, it can’t be directly stopped with lua