Lua script - Administration based script

I wonder if this is possible and if it is, How can I make it?

My plan is to make a script that gets the player list of a bunch of servers, Then filtering it towards a list of players steam id / name.
If it returns false then it will print it to you making it easier to administrate clusters of servers.
This script is ment to be run in the main menu of gmod without SE.

Looking forward to your response on this

Oh yeah, I already did. It’s a PHP page right now, but I believe that menu Lua can be run. I’ll get it done for you.

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I actually do it the other way. I have a list of EVIPs from Lifepunch’s backend (I don’t want to share the URL as it does have the duration, but it’s easy enough to get from the Lua), I query Steam’s API for those users, and compare the IPs that they’re on against Lifepunch’s servers (I get those from gethostbyname(‘domain’) so if the IP updates, this’ll work too), then generate them in a nice, little list.

Only took me a couple hours.