Lua Script Editing - Sniper Rifle

I downloaded a weapon pack from KCGEORGE that included a sniper rifle. I like the rifle, but I don’t like how it throws ragdolls 20 feet away when you kill an npc (not very realistic). I wanted to tone this effect down. Firstly, should I modify the weapon’s base, or the weapon’s shared.lua file itself? Secondly, what part should I modify? Once I know which lua file to modify, I will post its code.

Wrong section, post this is Newbie Questions next time.
But most likely you would want to edit shared.lua of the weapon it self, unless the base is used only for snipers of that pack and all the snipers do that…in that case you would want to edit the base

Its actually thery simple, dont.
Download madcows instead, its 9999x better.

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Elowin, shut up and spell correctly.

Secondly, just open up the shared.lua file and find something about force, edit the value.

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