LUA script which auto cleans ban list on a gmod server

I was reading on a post the other day and someone said that it is possible to make a LUA script which auto cleans the servers ban list when ever an admin joins a server on gmod. Is it really possible? if so how do i make one :slight_smile:

And why would you want to do that seriously?

That would defeat the whole purpose of ban tool

Does it matter?

I would find this useful myself, tired of abusive admins that just won’t learn.

Yea not possible unless you have access to the server.

I’d make it for you but you lie about stuff meng

i heard it was possible

Have you seen all of this guy’s threads? He’s obviously planning something big :tinfoil:

See his profile. OBVIOUS GIMMICK.

It does fucking matter. You would find it useful to yourself only if you are a cockhead ruining other peoples fun. If you’re not happy with the admins you are playing on a bad server. Just find another one.

What are you talking about? I’m just tired of having to clear the banlist manually every so often, if I remove their admin they end up bitching about it until I give it back.

Why do you all have to be such a dick about this? It’s just a simple script that makes it easier for us.

I am not sure how to post my own thread where people comment on that, i would love if someone could help me, and my question is, I am looking for good luas that would give me advantages in gmod or possibly e2 chips.