Lua Scripted NPC's; Regular Collision?

I figure this thread should die fairly fast. Do Lua-scripted NPC Entities collide with the tools/toolsnpcclip.vmt material? And, for that matter, are they treated as NPC’s by all default entities? I understand that all of them at the moment are SEnt objects, correct me if I’m wrong.

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Oh, also, is there a better place to ask this, excluding steam? If there is, I will -snip- this.

Hello, is no one going to answer this?

Hey, seriously, I want to know!

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Why is that dumb? I’m not going to download an NPC and make a map all just to test this…

And that comment’s dumb because it’s a double post? I wonder how long it’s going to take for this triple post to get rated dumb…

I really don’t understand what this question is asking. Guys, don’t rate it dumb, why not give him criticism? It really doesn’t help ANYONE at all to rate ‘dumb’ and move on. Can you please re-word this? I really don’t understand what this question is asking…

Your question seems terrible but as far as I can understand it:

No, a material is no entity it literally has nothing to do with entities.

I’m fairly certain scripted NPCs are treated as NPCs by the engine. They should collide with the NPC clip material. Leystryku, he’s talking about a material used in hammer that compiles as a surface which only collides with NPCs.

In HL2, if you make a map and make npcs, and tell them to travel through a brush that uses that material, they can’t do it! If you make a map with tools/toolsplayerclip.vmt and try to travel through the location of that brush, you can’t without noclip. tools/toolsnpcclip.vmt is a tool texture. It isn’t an entity, jeez… but it’s used to block collision for specific characters. I don’t think it works on physics objects. It is similar to tools/toolsblock_los.vmt which keeps an NPC from seeing through an area, tools/toolsblocklight.vmt which keeps light away from lightmaps, making ghostly shadows, or tools/toolsareaportal.vmt which I’m hoping doesn’t need an explanation from me.

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I figure what the game does is this: NPCs treat tools/toolsnpcclip.vmt as a regular brush, believing there is something physically there. Player movement treats player clip as a real brush. NPCs and Players treat the regular clip brush as a regular brush.

I believe without using func_brush, or displacements, there is no way to make a brush that has no collision.

I’m just wondering if that’s the case with SENT NPC’s, where any other sent can just fly through all of the tool textures (or am I wrong?)

I think I should’ve posted this under mapping. I also think LUA NPC’s are treated exactly like … the doll model, or the bouncy ball, seeing as both the bouncy ball and an NPC are made in the exact same area, Lua/entities.

Why in the heck is that dumb? Seriously? Just because I actually know something about mapping, I’m rated dumb?
For that matter, if something’s wrong with those statements, it would be better to let me know instead of just rating it dumb and calling it a day.