Lua Scripter for racing gamemode needed.

Hello fellow FacePunchers!
Me and my friend are in the making of a gamemode. It’s going to be a rcing gamemode with guns.
The problem is i’m a mapper and my friend is a modeller… So I wonder if there are any nice persons out there
who is a texture artist or Lua coder that would like to help! My friend is modeling parts for vehicles which can be added on the car later, by purchase.
I’m making some race maps, I made a dirt one and a street-like one. I’m planning to make four maps. (One of them is a snow map.)

Our overall work done:

Modeling: 10%
Mapping: 40%
Texturing: 0%
Lua’ing: 0%.

Some of our work which is completed/in progress now:

2 Wings:



1 Wing:

Street-like Map1:

Street-like Map2:

I currently do not have pictures of the dirt map yet, because it is located on the computer of my other house.

Please let us know when you wan’t to help us!

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Uhm… extremely basic maps and basic models?

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It’s a start?