Lua Scripter Hire (payed)

  • What I Want

I want to add 3 things in this gamemode:

  • I want for the prisoners that they have the weapon “fist” because when the prisoners are spawned they only spawn with a knife for like 50 / 50 procent but if they dont have knife they dont have anything to destroy or have the change to escape. So may request is to make the fist availlible

  • And there is a function called last request aka lr i want when that start that you hear some music for example when the last request knife fight start you hear song 1 when last request race start you hear song 2

  • I want for both teams that you hear music when they won if the guard win you hear music 1 and when the prioners win you hear music 2

  • Payment Amount

If you want to help me i can pay 90 euro with paypal or ideal or place a donation let me know i want to start my server (and i want to see it working first and then i pay because im been scammed before)

  • Time Frame

Lets say max 3 days

First of all, there’s a hire thread on the first page of this section, you couldn’t have missed it.

Also, it’s “paid.”

Alright this topic can be close put it on the hire thread!!!