Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V2

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Might as well put my services up here:

-Can do Almost anything in Lua, except God like Vgui panels
-Vgui panels look Okay, and get the job done

What I’ll do
-Anything but RP

Previous Work
Some Shit that I put together in like 10 minutes:
-My Hud:
-Have some other useless utility mods, like my chat command module, and leveling system, etc.

Accepting Payment Through Paypal

hey deadman123 add me on steam xPEACHYxBANANASx

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I’m sintwins and I have been learning Gmod Lua for around 9 months now. I am fairly good with Lua, but I am not the best. However I can do most requests with relative ease, also as I am a college student and need all of the money that I can get my rates are quite low.

I can do most things, just PM me and I will do it.

I haven’t publicly released any big scripts as of yet but I may do to bulk up my past work. The only ones released up to now are my VehicleHP script, which gives vehicles health and causes them to explode when they run out and a simple radio script.

Private projects

  • Drug Plant SENT (DarkRP)
  • Donator mod
  • DarkRP Hobo donation tin SENT
  • MOTD addon
  • Stat system
  • Server Unlocks, trails, hats, models etc with a shop menu
  • VIP only DarkRP jobs
  • Welcome menu
  • Vehicle crash damage system
  • Advanced radio system
  • NPC Car seller which permanently stores purchased cars
  • DarkRP ATM entity and bank system
  • Level system for DarkRP with job and entity unlocks
  • Custom money printers ( store money inside of them, printer coolers etc…)
  • DarkRP Inventory
  • Unlock system and shop that sells hats, models, trails and temporary boosts
  • NPC Levelling and rank system
  • Currently working on Urban-Warfare RP

Some pictures of these can be found on my xfire and steam profiles.

– If you want anything done PM me or add me on steam (sintwin) and I will give you a quote.

Payment method - Paypal

I’m good with SWEPs generally. I don’t mind doing serverside scripts but I prefer things like addon weapons/TTT Buyables
HUDs Just No… I hate doing them, don’t ask me to.
Avg. Cost
I would say $10 but it’s negotiable and could be more, or less or if I like you, a sentimental reward.
Previous Work:
I used to code for a successful community named Y-E-C they turned into arseholes (No Flame) and well, anyway. I coded for TTT. I am currently doing a gamemode with a buddy of mine :slight_smile:

I am also working on “Retard Rape” which is basically a couple of punishments that will activate on certain players when they join the server.

Accepting payment through paypal/through sentimental

Time for a repost!

[release]For hire:

I’m disseminate and I need to raise ~$10000 for college next year, and every little bit helps.


  • Four years of coding lua for 6 different communities and 8700 hours in gmod. Total 7 years of coding altogether.
  • - Some of my more recent gamemodes. I’ve made at least triple the gamemodes on this page.
  • Mostly gamemode coding, but I can do addons as well.

Gamemode Threads:
Note that I don’t guarantee all of these gamemodes still work. The majority of my gamemodes don’t have FP threads.


The one thing I’d need if you want to hire me is some design stuff - if you tell me exactly what you need, I can probably make it. I’d need HUD mockups etc. if you wanted me to make a HUD, for example.
I don’t do models or mapping. If you have custom content, you have to give me it - I’m not going to go running around the internet trying to find a couple errors.
I’d be willing to keep your gamemode private upon request.

I’d prefer PayPal if possible. Prices are pretty negotiable. I can’t afford to code for free or for admin on your server or whatever - sorry.

Don’t think I’m overqualified! I’m not going to charge you $300 for a simple NPC spawner, let alone $30! Remember, the stuff above is over four years.

My SteamID is disseminate if you want to add me.[/release]

Im looking for a coder to make me a gamemode about 300$ for the job ill discus the dead line with you if you add me.
we can haggle prices… thanks steam user:mack9393