Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V3


Original post by Drakehawke

Don’t know Lua? Don’t have the time to make things yourself? Here you can find someone who’ll do it for you!

Most of the previous hire threads have been made quickly and then neglected by their posters, I check this section several times a day and will aim to keep this post as up to date as possible. I’m crap with graphics so I wont make this a fancy thread with loads of images, but I’ll try to make up for it with information.

Aim to include:

  • What you can and can’t do
  • What you want and don’t want to do
  • How long you want the job to take (a quick addon or DarkRP edit?, a long-term position in a community?, a complete gamemode?)
  • What you’re willing to work for (free?, a small amount of money?, admin on a server?, a lot of money?)
  • How you want to be paid (include payment method (eg PayPal) and how you want it to work (send half, give script, send rest or something else?))
  • How you can be contacted (make sure the Steam profile URL on your Facepunch profile is still correct!)

If you’re going to post proof of your past work, try to put it elsewhere and link to it rather than embed 10 laggy YouTube videos in your post. Another option is to say you will provide evidence of past work on request, but that may not be the best method of attracting customers.

Aim to include:

  • Exactly what you want done, if you wont post it because you think your idea is so amazing that someone is going to “steal” it then sorry but a) someone else has probably already done it anyway and b) you’re unlikely to attract many scripters.
  • Exactly what you’re paying (or willing to pay), it’s honestly purely up to you how much you offer. Just bear in mind, if you offer too much nobody will probably tell you, so you could spend way more than you needed to, but if you offer too low you’re advert will just be ignored. If you’re just offering a community position (eg admin or owner) then feel free to post, but a word of warning the majority of scripters wont want that.
  • A timeframe, do you want it done in a few days? a week? a month?
  • How you want to be paid, both method and how you want it to work (eg send half, get script, send the rest).
  • How you can be contacted (make sure the Steam profile URL on your Facepunch profile is correct).

Everyone else

  • If you disagree with the payment or work somebody is advertising, don’t post saying so. Just because you wont work for admin in a community doesn’t mean someone else wont.

PayPal “donations”: Some scripters may require you to send your payment as a “Donation” on PayPal. This is more than usually because you can’t dispute donation payments. If you send it as a payment for Goods/Services, you can dispute it with PayPal if the scripter doesn’t provide what you paid for or it is significantly not as described. The donation payments can be used in one of two ways, either to make sure the hirer doesn’t scam the scripter by sending the money, getting the script then disputing it to get the money back, or to make sure the hirer can’t get his/her money back if the buyer scams them. Honestly there’s no real solution to this, regardless of how you do it there is still going to be some element of trust involved.

DarkRP edits: The majority of hiring posts in past threads have been requesting modifications or additions to the popular role-playing gamemode DarkRP. Please bear in mind there are lots of existing modifications for DarkRP available, so please check and the Mods and Addons section of Facepunch before you go hiring, it’ll save you both money and dumb ratings.

Keep it up to date: When you’ve found a scripter, or found enough work for you to handle, or too busy to work anymore, please edit your post in this thread and add a note at the bottom saying so, this helps people reading to know whether you’re still available or not.


  • Don’t be afraid to post in this thread about scamming hirers or scripters (I know several people may disagree with this but it’s for the best), but please don’t post just for the sake of starting an argument. Try and resolve it with the other party privately first, if that fails then make a post in this thread. Make sure you’ve given them at least 24 hours to respond too. Include as much evidence as possible, screenshots of Steam or any other communication, PayPal too where appropriate.
  • I will try and maintain a list here of scripters or hirers that** I THINK** you should avoid. Of course it’s entirely up to you whether you still hire/work for them.
  • I will only add people to this list if the evidence provided is compelling enough to prove that they did indeed scam somebody.
  • Once you’ve posted your evidence and said your piece, leave it be, don’t derail this thread too much with an argument. I can’t speak for them but the forum moderators may or may not ban you if you derail the thread too much.

Suspected scammers: (note to mods, if for whatever reason you don’t wish for me to do this, I’m happy not to)


Suggestion or complaint about this post? PM me or add me on STEAM.

Currently not accepting work. Will update in the future if I start to again.

[sp]What I will do
bug fixes
entities and weapons
mysql and/or php work

What I won’t do
entire gamemode’s

PM me via the forums for inquiry or work sample(s).

Minecraft weapon selection

TTT token shop for weapons and roles

Deathrun and custom chat box

Mask, model, and trail store.

Merge the OP from the other thread with this one (because it’s good) and we’ve got ourselves a new thread.

I’m looking for an experienced DarkRP coder. (I tried Cider, Cider2, Applejack, Tiramisu 2, before settling on DarkRP.)

Basic To Do list:

Detailed To Do list: password: gm0d

I was originally quoted $80-$100. I would like to get started on this as soon as possible.

If you’re interested, please message me on FP.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Hired PencilOnDesk! :smiley:

I’m looking for some small-medium sized projects. I’m open to almost all requests other than complete gamemodes and “Automatic Donation” systems.
No, I will not accept payment in the form of community rankings, or administrator status on your server; and I am most definitely not looking for an ongoing position as “Developer” for your community.

Portfolio (Past Work):
Here’s what little I’ve posted here on Facepunch in the past. Warning, wall of videos incoming.

Few More Videos

Contacting Me:
You can PM here, on Facepunch and from there we can chose the best line of communication.

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I’m sintwins and I have been learning Gmod Lua for about 14 months now. I am fairly good with Lua, but I am not the best. However I can do most requests with relative ease, also as I am a college student and need all of the money that I can get my rates are quite low.

I can do most things, just PM me and I will do it.

I haven’t publicly released any big scripts as of yet but I may do to bulk up my past work. The only ones released up to now are my VehicleHP script, which gives vehicles health and causes them to explode when they run out and a simple radio script.

Private projects

  • Drug Plant SENT (DarkRP)
  • Donator mod
  • DarkRP Hobo donation tin SENT
  • MOTD addon
  • Stat system
  • Server Unlocks, trails, hats, models etc with a shop menu
  • VIP only DarkRP jobs
  • Welcome menu
  • Vehicle crash damage system
  • Advanced radio system
  • NPC Car seller which permanently stores purchased cars
  • DarkRP ATM entity and bank system
  • Level system for DarkRP with job and entity unlocks
  • Custom money printers ( store money inside of them, printer coolers etc…)
  • DarkRP Inventory
  • Unlock system and shop that sells hats, models, trails and temporary boosts
  • NPC Levelling and rank system
  • Currently working on Urban-Warfare RP

Some pictures of these can be found on my xfire and steam profiles.

– If you want anything done PM me or add me on steam (sintwin) and I will give you a quote, I will work on projects big and small.

Payment method - Paypal


REMSCAR: LUA Scripter for hire
Website | STEAM | SKYPE [Zachary Nawar]


I have been programming LUA for over two years now and have been working as a lua scripting contractor for a year. I have vast amounts of knowledge in many Garry’s mod gamemodes including the most popular RP modes, DARKRP and PERP. Other languages i know and can utilize in contracts include, MySQL, PHP, HTML, and C++! I’ve done lots of work with DarkRP and can do just about anything inside of it! I always full-fill to my clients need and ensure that they are satisfied with what they have received. I also give free support for 3-5 days after contract completion in case any unseen errors, bugs, or questions arise!
I can do what you need!

I have a modest sized portfolio, since some of my clients wish for my work to be private and only for them, i do not display what i made for them publicly. To see some of my public portfolio, please visit my website.
Please note that it does not contain all of my work, some small things may be on my steam screen shots:
Or my YouTube:

Contact me
The best way to contact me is over PM’s on facepunch. Alternatively you can email me (, contact me on SKYPE (Zachary Nawar), or add me on steam (remscar)

[h2]Coder for hire![/h2]
Need an addon, script or an entire gamemode for Garry’s Mod?
You are talking to the right person.

I’ve been coding lua for +1 year and have a lot of knowledge.

What have I done in the past?

  • +10 PayPal donation systems
  • Multiple HUDs, you name it and I’ll do it.
  • Experience and level mods for DarkRP and other gamemodes
  • Fixes for broken scripts/addons
  • Gamemode conversions GM12 -> GM13
  • Multiple 100% custom pointshops
  • Pointshop skins for _Undefined’s GM12 pointshop
  • Admin mods
  • SWEPs & SENTs
  • DarkRP Printer mods

What will I do?

  • Gamemode conversions
  • Addons
  • Entire gamemodes
  • SWEPs & SENTs
  • Pointshops
  • PayPal donation systems (PHP side and GMod addon)

What will I not do?

  • Anything related to PERP or Tiramisu
  • Models/Maps


I can’t obviously list all of the prices, but here are some examples:

  • Script/Addon fixes +$1
  • Donation systems +$20
  • Pointshops +$40
  • Gamemodes +$100

Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for a price!

Why would you choose me?

  • I code only one job at the time, making sure it will be done before deadline.
  • I am reliable
  • I code things fast and efficient

What about payment?
I only accept PayPal.
Before starting to code, you will pay me 50% of the payment and
after the job is done, I will show you it and if everything’s okay,
I will send you the addon/mod/whatever and you will send me rest of the money.

Skype: sukkasux
Only use Facepunch PM if my friendslist is full!

Some pictures:[/T]

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I’d need someone to fix a simple openaura faction/class bug for me. :3

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