Lua Scripter needed (Will Pay)

Hello, I am currently running a Garry’s Mod 10 server that has Stranded 2.2.1.Fix3. I would like some modifications done to the gamemode.

I’ve done a large search on updates for this game and haven’t found any. Many times people say that the code should be re-written all together. Shrug Point remains that this is an amazing gamemode that needs some fixes. And maybe someone just hasn’t had the correct motivations to fix these things (if you get what I mean).

Here are the things I would like done:

Fixes to many bugs, such as:

Plant Limit does not reset after plants die or are removed.
Smelting, Carpentry, and Technology skills do not work.
Pet Shop Menu does not work well either =\

Also customizations:

Customizable Stamina system to stop +attack and +use users.
A cart that will hold resources for your tribe.
Updated list of Tribes currently on the server in the Q menu.
Addition of Assembly skill.

This is an amazing mod that deserves some attention.

I don’t want to pay more than $100. I would pay based on how many projects get completed. I don’t really have anything specific, that can be worked out later.

Also, I would require that the coder makes this code public. Hogging is bad, at least in my opinion.

Im interested, im not an extremely good coder but i can get the job done for no more than $10

Why do people suddenly want to pay for lua coders?

^ The hell you complaining about? :smug:

It isn’t a recent thing, people have been asking for Lua coders to help them for money for a while now.

Yes I know. Rate me clocks but im still wondering.

me and CaffeinatedSky are just trying to find a good lua coder so we can get the server the best it can be and maybe learn a little bit from it, if you are interested pm me or him , thank you

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why are people against getting paid for scripting, i think its awesome to get extra $$ for a hobby

Why are we having a philosophical debate on why I want to pay? I mean, look how nobody wants to :P.

It’s called incentive, it’s a big part of this thing called Capitalism.

Anyways, still wanting to find someone.

Hm, That doesn’t sound too bad.
I’m interested.