lua scripter!

hello i script lua i do: huds, gamemodes, and addons. so if you want me to lua code for you then private message me!
i will make a price with you if you want me to code something for you.
If you have any other question private message me like i said above.
if you want to add me on steam here my steam name: “[lp] melternet” or just look up “melternet” and look for [lp] melternet.
here’s a pick of a hud i made for darkrp and also i edited the the pointshop a little: Click Here For The Picture!

Hi, there’s some flaws on your post. You say you Lua, but you don’t give us your portfolio (work), you have some grammar flaws, too (I don’t blame you if you’re foreign). You also don’t say if you have a working price, or if your service is free. That’s all I can say by reading this.

You should add some pictures of stuff you’ve done in the past so people know how good you are.


All of his other posts are for him trying to hire a coder, this is very recent… I doubt anyone could not know how to code at all then transform into a coder that is able to do gamemodes in less than 4 days. He probably hires coders then resells code.

To say the least, i wouldn’t recommend this guy.

ok well that cucks for you becuase im a very fast learner and yea so fuck off!

“And I Dont Know Lua”

I don’t think he doesn’t speak English, I think he’s just 12.

Well if you were such a fast learner you should have learned Lua before you pass yourself off as a coder

fuck all of you fucking haters!

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ha he mad

I highly doubt you made that HUD.

Name one hook you can draw on.