Lua Scripting Awards: Awesome Addon

Welcome to the 1st annual Lua Scripting Awards! This is the Awesome Addon thread, where you get to vote on your favorite addon of the year.

Any Facepunch member can vote, but I’m only going to count votes from users with over 100 posts and that were not registered within the two weeks.

[ul][li]Evolve (Overv)[/li][img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Evolve is already a proven admin mod, proven by the fact it’s already running well on about 35 servers. It has extensive support for custom ranks, which can be modified to suit your needs in realtime. The menu design is a well balanced mix between ULX’ and ASSMod’s. It’s as compact as ASSMod’s, as feature-rich as ULX’ and works as smoothly as the well known iPhone menus. Unlike ASSMod, Evolve is very actively developed and any bugs are almost always fixed within 24 hours. There are over 50 plugins, which all have an actual use, unlike gimmicky commands like !gimp. Above all that, it comes with a sexy scoreboard which functions out of the box for Sandbox servers.

[li]PAC2 (CapsAdmin, Nevec)[/li]The Player Appearance Customiser is an addon that will let you attach props to yourself. It started out as hat maker, which would only let you have one prop attached per player. In PAC2 (2 remakes from hat maker) you can attach as many parts as your computer can handle and with these parts can attach effects, manipulate bones, make props animate, clip props and more. Some players make outfits that look like new player models while others just want to attach a tf2 hat onto their player model.

[li]Music Visualizer (CapsAdmin)[/li]

[li]SourceBans (Lexic)[/li][img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Firstly, it is a complete replacement that a server owner can put in instead of the SourceMod version, and it will continue as normal. Secondly, it is a tool developers can use to create in-game admin mods that completely integrate with SourceBans, allowing you to view bans in-game and use useful menus instead of the concommands.

[li]RagMorph (Sakarias88)[/li][media]

With RagMorph can ragdollize certain body parts on your player model. You can also modify your ragmorph to carry a box, swing punches or put wings on the back to make the ragmorph fly. The possibilities are endless. RagMorph is excellent for making machinimas but it’s also fun to just screw around with.

[li]ULX (Megiddo)[/li][img_thumb][/img_thumb]
ULX is the oldest lua-based administration mod released for Gmod, and it is the admin mod that almost every other admin mod has compared itself to or claimed to be better than. Not just an ordinary administration mod with kick/ban features, ULX contains many useful features to assist in administration and server management (reserved slots, detailed logs), or just fun punishments (blind, slap, maul). Combined with its module system and a supportive forum community of developers and ULX users, the possibilities of extensibility are virtually endless.
ULX SVN is constantly evolving to keep up with advancements in Garry’s Mod. XGUI, our new menu system in SVN allows for the dynamic configuration of almost every item held within the ULX environment, provides quick access to commands, and has active user, group, and team management-- all from within your favorite gamemode of choice. While XGUI aims to please the graphic oriented users, ULX’s core functionality still allows for complete configuration and administration of servers where admins prefer to use raw console access.

[li]MBilliards (Athos)[/li][img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Mbilliards adds the ability to play billiard games, such as 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Rotation and Snooker. Creating a billiard game is easy and you can choose which gametype, table size, table color and much more. It can also easily be integrated with gamemodes.

P.S. I’m putting this up a bit early because I’ll be gone tomorrow.

Voted ragmorph, the music visualizer is cool but serves only as eye candy. My second choice would have been either billiards or evolve.

Evolve definitely because I use it the most. And also probably the most user friendly admin mod out there, I’ve used it for every server I’ve been apart of.

Can you vote for my addon?

Facepunch is facist, so I’m asking (not telling) if you’d vote again for me
here. Though, like I said Facepunch is facist so you can only vote if your
Facepunch account has more than 100 posts.

My unlimited love, and if you ever get bored, talk to a lonely scripter on

Lexic <3

I can’t choose :psyduck:
Evolve is a good admin mod,pac2 allows to wear any props,music visualizer will show music in gmod,source bans lets you use that global ban system,ragmorph helps you in making funny machinimas or just to screw around and mbilliards is an awesome billiard addon.

Voted for Evolve.

Overv’s Evlove, great admin mod, and I haven’t seen any problem with it.

there are other addons I think should be in that list as well

how was this list decided?

By everyone’s nominations.

I think a lot of people thought the nominations were voting, because a lot of people kept nominating the same scripter/addon/gamemode even though that nominee was already locked into the voting.

I feel that if most people actually took the time to read the OP things would have gone differently. I did post a few times in the thread reminding people to not re-nominate. Next year I’m planning on devising an entirely new system similar to the judging for the Freta gamemode except more structured.

yeah I had just almost forgotten about that thread

Evolve! Super Admn-Mod, begginer-friendly and easy to use. (Missing good mysql integration though)

Voted Evolve; Overv did an incredible job creating a sense of flow for users when they use it. There really is no hic-ups when attempting to perform any action; it just feels smooth. Its also easy as fuck to use, which is why it gets my vote. Nice job mate.

I vote SourceBans because Lexi told me that was the right thing to do.

No really, I vote Sourcebans.

Voted for MBilliards. Its never seen in GMod befor and is something completly new.

Dont get me wrong here but there are so many admin mods around. I use Evolve myself but there is just alot of admin mods out there.

When will you cast your vote? There still isn’t one yet :v:

Voted lua source bans for most useful.


Oh right the poll. How could I have missed that.

Mbilliards since its the only one I have used

Gonna have to go with PAC2 just because of how amazing it is and how much work has been put into it.