Lua Scripting Awards

Welcome to the 1st (Annual?) Lua Scripting Awards! These are designed to recognize (and award) the coolest people in the Lua Scripting community, those that give so much to Garry’s Mod that they deserve something in return.

Super Scripter: Overv
Awesome Addon: PAC2 (CapsAdmin)
Great Gamemode: TF2 Gamemode (_Kilburn)

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

1. Super Scripter
The Super Scripter is the Lua scripter who creates the best scripts, helps the most people, and is overall a really awesome person in the community.
There are no requirements here. Anyone can be nominated for Super Scripter. It would be nice if they were still active to accept their award.

2. Awesome Addon
The Awesome Addon is any sort of script that is awesome, in more or less words. It can be something that was incredibly useful, like the famous “Yes Mod”, or something that just blew your mind.
The script can be released or un-released. You could have posted one screenshot of it in the WAYWO thread and then kept moving – a script is a script, so whatever works. However, it must have been made/updated within the past year, so basically after the Fretta Contest was over.

3. Great Gamemode
The Great Gamemode is a game that you love so much you felt you had to nominate. I feel this category is particlarly important because there’s a crapton of work that goes into good gamemodes. Same rules apply as best script.

Community recognition and eternal fame is great and all, but what’s the use without money?
The first place winners will receive $200+ worth of Steam games of their choice (note: more donators = more money)! The second and third place winners will get a spot in the Hall of Fame and an internet cookie.

If any others would like to donate anything from their cat Muffles to their huge inheritance, it would be greatly appreciated and you’ll get an honorable mention.

Current money pot:
[li]Entoros - $50[/li][li]Lexic - $5[/li][li]Llamalord - $10[/li][li]Overv - $30[/li][li]Garry/FP - $500[/li][li]FlapJack - $2[/li][li]thejjokerr - $5[/li][li]Dwatring - $20[/li][li]somescripter - $10[/li][li]Megiddo - $10[/li][/ul]
Current total: $642

Basic Rules
[li]In order to nominate a coder or a script, either post here or send me a private message. A nomination will only be eligible to vote if it is backed by at least two members or if it is provided by the scripter his/herself with a short description of why it should be entered in that category.[/li][li]You may only nominate one scripter, one script and one gamemode. If you attempt to cheat or break this limit by tricking me, then both of your nominations will be disqualified.[/li][li]If a script is being nominated, I must be able to see the source somehow (an image does not qualify). Therefore it must be released or the source must be readily available. I will not give out ANY source code sent to me[/li][/ul]
[li]The nomination period will end on Saturday, February 5th.[/li][li]The voting period will end differently for each area.[list][/li][li]Great Gamemode: Saturday, February 26th. [/li][li]Awesome Addon: Saturday, March 5.[/li][li]Super Scripter: Saturday, March 12.[/li][/ul]

The only nominations shown are those that are eligible (have at least two nominations or submitted by own coder).

Super Scripter
[li]Overv[/li][li]CapsAdmin[/li][li]Jinto[/li][li]_Kilburn[/li][li]ralle105[/li][li]^seth[/li][li]Zoey Artyom[/li][li]amcwatters[/li][li]Grea$eMonkey[/li][li]Sakarias88[/li][li]Chrisaster[/li][li]Megiddo[/li][/ul]
Awesome Addon
[li]Evolve (Overv)[/li][li]PAC2 (CapsAdmin)[/li][li]Music Visualizer (CapsAdmin)[/li][li]SourceBans (Lexic)[/li][li]RagMorph (Sakarias88)[/li][li]ULX (Megiddo)[/li][li]MBilliards (Athos)[/li][/ul]
Great Gamemode
[li]Ultimate Chimera Hunt (Aska49)[/li][li]Tiramisu (Big Bang)[/li][li]TF2 Gamemode (_Killburn)[/li][li]OpenAura (somescripter)[/li][/ul]
Updated as of post #250

So get nominating! All of these rules and such are subject to change if anyone has a better idea.

I’ll donate $5 to the games pot.

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Also, inb4 a bunch of people (now with 2 posts) nominate kuro.

I like this idea. Having the community vote may be a good idea. It’s hard for a select-group of people to speak for these kinds of achievements.

I’d be willing to throw in 10 dollars from the LmaoLlama Community.

I’ll donate $30 to the games pot because I really appreciate the hard work all of the Lua coders are doing to make Garry’s Mod more awesome every day. I’ll post my nominations here shortly.

You’re donating to yourself…?

Good luck to all of you :slight_smile:
I’d hope for a nomination, but I don’t lua anymore so it’s kinda redundant, hopefully this will result in some cool stuff though!

I thought you made some great stuff, Empty.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Actually I just found the SWEP Construction Kit and I’m now feeling really nostalgic for some lua.

This is a really great idea, and I agree with GreaseMonkey, the community should vote.

I wouldn’t get a nomination, but back when I was working on some infant projects where I didn’t know nearly as much about GMod and Lua as I do know, I thought I made some cool things:

Like the first parody to Demon Melons (Motivational Oranges):

The Time and Singularity Grenade:

And the Manhattan Grenade based off one of Dr. Manhattan’s powers (0:34)

I don’t think I have anything more impressive than these, though.

Can we get a poll when there are some people submitted? A poll can be modified or even created in general after a thread has been started, right? I wanna see who makes it.

I’m pretty sure polls can’t be edited after posting (or at least after a vote has been placed).

Surely a handsome moderator like yourself could do it though?

I don’t think so. I once made a spelling error on a poll in the past due to sleep deprivation and was unable to edit it afterward.

Can Gamemodes be nominated for Script awards? Because if they can I nominate Ultimate Chimera Hunt. Otherwise I’m nominating this turtle.

I nominate Tiramisu. Big bang brought us a free stable serious roleplay script, and that is why I nominate it.

I nominate Evolve and Overv for obvious reasons, but here’s a more defined one;

I nominate Evolve because it’s one of the good admin mods out there. It’s well developed, clean, and highly customizable. Thus I think it’s one of the better scripts in the GMod scene. I nominate Overv because he’s a helpful person, a great scripter and generally a good guy. I think he deserves to win for his many contributions to us, the GMod community.

that good enough

Because y’all are so awesome/generous with the donating I felt I should add a third category. You can now nominate your favorite gamemode!

Facepunch will donate $500