[LUA Scripting Issue] Can't make a Derma Tab toggleable.

Hello there, Im trying to make a tab on a menu that appears only if you are a on a specific team.

        --The tab has two buttons
        ps:AddSheet( "Personaje", CharMenu, "icon16/user.png", false, false, LANG.menu.char_desc )
	ps:AddSheet( "Inventario", items, "icon16/box.png", false, false, LANG.menu.inv_desc )
	if LocalPlayer():Team() == 6 then
		ps:AddSheet( "Detective", DetectiveMenu, "icon16/user_suit.png", false, false, "Acciones que se pueden realizar como detective.") --This is the tab

And this happends:

It appears a random portion of a button on the first tab. (And it shouldn’t happend)

(I got to put the URL of the image because the Insert Image thing didn’t wanted to work)

How do I fix it?