[LUA Scripting Issue] Server values.

Hello there! I don’t know if somebody will read this since nobody awnsered my last post, but well, here I go…
I would like to do server values, for when the server starts, it sets an amount of values JUST for the server, like in RP would be taxes, max amount of something, etc.

I don’t get what you need.
Are you talking about convars or just general variables? In either way you should go read the gmod wiki tutorials for gmod-related topics, and the Lua PIL for an overview of how to program in Lua (this includes variables and pretty much everything else)

http://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html (somewhat outdated, but it’s more than enough)

Nobody is going to teach you something that is the basis of programming in Lua - you’re supposed to do that research yourself.

Ok, gonna check that out.