[LUA Scripting Question] Changing the skin (material) of a player.

Hello, I would like to know how I can change the texture of the clothes of a player if he/she has a citizen playermodel (if I’ve got the texture). Do I have to replace the textures? I have to create a new model?

Most likely, you’ll not be able to use Player:SetMaterial since citizen playermodels are using 2 textures if I remember correctly.

can’t you yust do like this?
[lua]function Yolo(ply)

I wasn’t sure if that was going to work because the citizens uses two materials (clothes and face).

yust try you will see and why do you want to do it

First thing: When I make ply:GetMaterial() it returns the material that I set, but the playermodel doesn’t changes.
Second thing: Is for an own roleplaying gamemode.

works, but the face is messed up, I expected that

then I don’t think it’s possible

If there is a fixed number of different materials you could recompile the model to have more than 1 skin. ITs a pain in the ass though.