Lua scripting tutorials up now in my blog

Check it out i have now made a new section for Lua scripting here you will find tutorials every day baout how to set up a gamemode or add weapons and much more.


Post tutorials on the wiki if you think you can do better. Fragmenting all of GMod’s documentation isn’t going to help anyone.

Give me feedback…

Here’s feedback - they’re shit.

Rudimentary explanation of what certain aspects are supposed in a video fashion is pretty much utter rubbish. Especially because of the fact that it’s a video and offers no actual explanation (or chance for further knowledge). Heck you don’t even suggest an IDE such as Notepad++ (Albeit for GLua, NP++ doesn’t quite perform as an IDE).

Please don’t continue these.

I agree, what you’re trying to do is create your own garrys mod wiki. I don’t know if this is to help or recieve traffic to your blog, I’m not sure, either way, contribute to Garrys Mod Wiki; there is so much that needs to be finished.

thanks. i learned a lot.

about how not to code.

Only looked at the idea, but now I do look at it, you’re right ConArtist. Where are the LUA tutorials?

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Found 5, and only 2-3 are proper tutorials. Video’s arn’t a good way to go.


I’m not sure why, but that post made me laugh.

But yeah, i’d suggest giving written tut’s rather than a video.

Even better: write full fledged articles.

Even better: Learn Lua before you try and teach others it