Lua Scripting: Where to proceed

Hello facepunch, I’ve been having a problem lately with my ability to code lua. I don’t know how to advance past the point that i’m at.
I’ve been coding lua for about a year, and i’m fairly confident that i have learned the basics. I can write and run simple scripts, as well as some more intermediate ones. I can make medium-rate SWEPs without any Copy-Pasting and can also create some mediocre entities. I also have a simple understanding of gamemodes.
So, I know the syntax, and can throw it around. Question is, Where/how can i proceed to gain mastery over lua? Is there any projects that i can do to help myself master the language? should i make a SWEP Base? A Gamemode? An overly modified roleplaying script?
What are your ideas on good ways to advance?
TIA, Archemyde.

Code a hack, soon you will code as good as 'Seth.

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Also, learn the power of Ctrl + C, all good coders use it.

There isnt a way, except coding.
You have to code, to get better.
Lua is just a thing where it is like ‘Learn-By-Doing’.
What means, try doing things you cant.
The more you try them, the better you get at them.

Try making modifications to an existing gamemode. The different components that builds a gamemode will ensure that you get a variety of fields to progress in. Real learning happens when you come up with an idea you are unsure if the engine supports, and starts hacking away at it until you’ve exhausted every option.

Ahh this is what you meant when you messaged me on steam. Message me next time you’re on, and I think I can help you.