Lua Server Browser - legacy, but updated!

I’ve been posting about it in waywo, and it’s finally time to release…

Lua Server Browser!

from the readme on github:

still todo:

    add a favorites tab
    add any memoization (biggie)
    style scrollbars
    pre-compile less
    filter via convar

known bugs:

    pressing find servers a couple times messes up the loading bar (but not the data)
    find servers doesn't always cancel the current query
    fucking master server list bans
    sorting via pass/vac is ugly
    cvars don't persist (fcvar_archive bug?)
    not getting all of the players for a server



let me know what you guys think!

i love you

My body is ready.

I’m going to test the shit out of this as soon as I’m back in town.

Awesome work- thought I’d never see this happen.
A few minor style tweaks to make it more uniform with the existing menu and it’s gold.

Now all we need is a better master server list- something that does the job of querying each one individually and indexing it on a rather fast interval. Then, the clients just query that service and is returned cached indexed server list data. If the player clicks on a server, it grabs more info dynamically and displays it. Would cure the long wait times for the whole server list to refresh.

I see that it shows some of the server’s convars there. Can you add a filtering option so that we can filter based on servers that have one or more convars the same as what we’re looking for?

woops, I completely forgot to add that :v: I’ll put it on the todo list

You should add this to the workshop. That way updates are deployed automatically.

I don’t think you can add menu files (html) to the workshop addons, and especially not the binary module included.

can’t, menustate addons don’t work from the addons folder, and it uses a module

I’m aware of modules just not of menu state. Thats sucks.

This is fucking astonishing. Good work.

Want to get sexual? Because this addon is wonderful! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Good job!

Its…It looks so nice .

Favourites tab :v:?

:joy: This is awesome!

One small suggestion though. It looks likes you can see if a server is locked or not but I don’t see an option for hiding locked servers, is there one?

don’t know how I missed that, I’ll add it today

Great job Portal! We’ve been needing a better browser for awhile.


Not trying to say that Garry have done some poor decisions but this is exactly what I expected to see when he said he will be making a new server browser for GM13. Good job.